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Automated dispatch and compliance

TowPro is the preferred software for both dispatchers and tow companies to provide real-time situational awareness

What makes us preferred?


TowPro is built to be transparent. That’s why tow companies receive tows on a rotation basis. We make it very clear when you’re next in line to get a call, saving you from waiting round the clock for if a call comes.

Automated Compliance

Clear the red tape! Gone are the days of hounding people for compliance documents. We manage it all in one convenient location and ensure everyone is compliant 24/7.

Adapt to your needs

Our software is designed to handle any use case you can throw at it. Different states have different regulations and requirements. We’re right there with you to make sure TowPro fits the requirements for your area.

A Dispatcher's dream

Put your tows on autopilot. Once you create a tow, our system will find the next available tower with the right equipment. Watch as they arrive on-scene and take care of the rest.

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Visibility for Towers

Enough waiting by the phone. Know exactly when you're on-deck for a tow and where you are in the queue with rotation based towing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us!

No! TowPro does not own any tow yards and never will. We're only focused on being a software solution that improves towers lives, not working against them.
You are billed a fee per tow. You are able to forward the charge onto your customer, costing you nothing in the end and not cutting into your bottom line.
TowPro doesn't log your location unless you are actively on a tow. While on a tow, your location is shared with dispatch so that they can make sure a tow isn't reassigned if you are nearby the scene.

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